Staying Anonymous

If you are planning to be Black/ Grey/ Green Hat hacker, then you will be really worried about you anonymity. What concerns you most have to be "How to stay Anonymous?" . So here are some methods to stay anonymous. These are only some basic anonymity techniques and the more advanced techniques will be lectured in the following tutorials.


VPN is the acronym of Virtual Private Network. As from a hacker's point of view, here are the facts that justifies its need:

1) Counterfeit the ISP's packet detection measures.    Maintain your anonymity and boost by keeping your ISP from throttling, inspecting and prioritizing the data sent to and from your system.
2) Keep your IP address anonymous.    Prevent the places your packets are traversing from identifying your connection information and location.
3) Hide your online activities from third parties.    As a VPN provides a secure tunnel to make a connection to the outside world, it will keep the third parties away from finding your online activities.
4) And of-course, prevent location identification and Geo targeting.    Yeah! the title says it all.

To help you start, below are some of the FREE VPN's that are available.



Proxies are another less secure alternative for VPN's . Proxies does the same job as VPN's as it hides your IP when you are surfing through the internet. There are different types of proxies ranging from less anonymous to high anonymous proxies. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the proxies will not last for ever. The available proxy address will change from time to time (which is a best thing for staying anonymous).

Below are some of the Proxy sites that you can use as a starting leveler.

Below are some of the Popular VM's that you can use .VMLite - - Box -

Note:- As I said in the starting of this tutorial, these are only some basic level Anonymity tools whose service you can make use of to stay anonymous. These cannot assure 100% anonymity and if you did something Black Hat stuffs and when you hear a door knock and see some cops outside your door, don't blame me :)


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